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Obrzeża blatowe ABS do blatów kuchennych i blatów roboczych

Worktop edgebands

Professional finishing of kitchen worktops

Kuchnia z idealnie dopasowanymi obrzeżami blatowymi ABS

Edgeband for special tasks

Kitchen and work  surfaces  are used intensively. With everyday busyness, they are  easily scratched or bruised. Meanwhile, replacing the worktop is complicated and expensive. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that the worktop installed initially is not only beautiful and matches the kitchen fitting, but is also resilient and durable.

In the case of edges, which are particularly exposed to intensive use, this task will only be fulfilled by professional worktop edgebands. It is designed to make the long edge of the worktop, often visible from the living room, look perfect. The characteristic details of the wood or stone pattern have been placed with less repetition than in furniture edgebands, achieving a harmonious, natural effect over a wide and long edge.

The greatest advantage of dedicated worktop edgebands is their particular resistance to mechanical damage. Thanks to a special sealing technology, it gains increased resistance to scratches and minor bruises.

The result? A beautiful and durable worktop for years to come!

Innovative technologies creating a unique product

Digital printing technology

Digital printing is a modern method by which any design, even the most complex, can be printed on the edgeband. Thanks to this technology, the worktop edgebands are characterised by a perfect reflection of the laminate pattern with attention to the smallest details.

The ideal worktop edgeband is consistent with the colour and pattern, but also with the surface texture and degree of gloss of the worktop. It is advisable to choose a dedicated edgeband, designed specifically for the design of a given worktop. This guarantees a perfect fit, which creates a built-in effect of the highest quality.

Structure imprinted in varnish

By imprinting the structure in varnish, after printing the design on the edgeband, it is possible to achieve deep structures that perfectly mirror those of the laminate. Thanks to the application of structure imprinting technology after printing, the surface of the edgebands becomes more resistant to mechanical damage as well as scratches, which is of great importance for edges exposed to intensive use.

Products have principles

We develop our edgebands based on three essential product principles. This ensures a perfect edgeband-to-board match and also greatly facilitates choosing the right product.

Edgeband decor
Board decor

Edgeband structure
Board structure

Edgeband name
Board name

Find the decor you are looking for

You can also view our collection at Decor Gallery.
Decors Gallery

Standard sizes and packaging

Worktop edgebands are manufactured using jumbo roll technology with a thickness of 1.2 mm. Each decor in stock comes in a width of 42 mm dedicated to 38 mm thick worktops, and is available from one roll. The table below shows our standard stock availability.

Standard size and lengths:

Edgeband size (mm)Roll length (running metre)
Rozmiar i konfekcja obrzeża blatowego firmy Schilsner


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Worktop edgebands - question and answer

What distinguishes worktop edgeband from furniture edgeband?

Worktop edgebands are already distinguished from furniture edgebands by its approach to decor design. Due to the use of edgebands on the long and wide edges, the characteristic details of the wood or stone pattern are placed with less frequency to achieve a distinctive and attractive, yet authentic and natural effect.

No less important than aesthetics is mechanical damage resistance. The edge of the worktop is a zone particularly exposed to intensive use. This is why we use a special surface sealing technology for Schilsner worktop edgebands. It not only allows for a clear, deep structure corresponding to that of the laminate (often deeper than that of the furniture board), but also gives the edgeband increased mechanical damage resistance.

Are the worktop edgebands scratch and heat resistant?

Thanks to the use of a special technology for imprinting the structure in the varnish, the surface of the worktop edgebands is further refined, which increases its resistance to mechanical and heat damage.

What are the dimension standards for worktop edgebands?

The standard thickness of the worktop edgebands is 1.2 mm and its width of 42 mm is dedicated to worktops with a thickness of 38 mm. They are available in rolls of 25 and 50 running metres respectively.

Are edgebands with glue available?

We do not offer worktop edgebands with glue. Take a look at our range of chemical products, among them Con4’s contact glue, with which you can easily and quickly apply edgeband to the edge of your worktop.

CON4’S: The reliable contact adhesive not only for woodworkers.

How do I apply the edgeband to the kitchen worktop myself after it has been cut during installation?

You can use a hand-held edgebander to apply the edgeband or use contact glue. These are the simplest methods of applying the edgeband yourself without having to visit a carpentry shop.

What glue is recommended for machine application of worktop edgebands?

Worktop edgebands can be applied by machine using any type of hot-melt glue or contact glue in the case of a manual gluing. However, for a durable and moisture-resistant bond between the edge and the worktop edgeband, we recommend glues based on polyurethane (PUR) or polyolefin (PO) – these glues have higher heat and moisture resistance and greater flexibility at low temperatures.

Why should I finish the worktop with ABS edgeband instead of HPL edgeband?

The worktop edgeband, unlike HPL, is manufactured from a dyed thermoplastic material, so that its edge after processing is colour-coherent matching the worktop. Worktop edgeband is also easier to work with, being flexible rather than hard and brittle like HPL laminate, so it will not crack during machining or during subsequent use.

What is the reason for the popularity of straight edge worktops?

For years, postformed laminate worktops with a rounded edge have been popular in kitchens. However, design trends are changing and over time consumers have started to look for more modern solutions. The manufacturers’ answer is stylish worktops with a straight edge finished with ABS edgeband. This solution is, next to thin compact worktops, the most popular trend in kitchen design presently.

Worktops finished with ABS edgeband feature an elegant, minimalist design. They are ideally suited to modern-style interiors. They can also be combined with a thin compact worktop in one space to achieve an attractive effect (e.g. compact worktop on a row of cabinets, thicker worktop with a straight edge on an island in the dining area).