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Effective cleaning agents for carpenters

Carpentry chemical products for professionals

The everyday reality of carpenters is working at full speed. Sourcing, processing and assembly – everything has to be prepared perfectly.

From design to assembly, your furniture is refined in the smallest details. There is no room for surprises, this is why you choose proven solutions.

You rely on effective solutions which meet expectations and allow for time saving – products that are designed and tested by professionals.

This is truth behind the professional carpentry chemical products by Schilsner. Our offer includes effective cleaning agents that are safe for furniture boards and edgebands, powerful contact adhesive a range of hot-melt glues for edgebanding machines, which ensure perfect adhesion. We offer all that is necessary at a carpenter’s workshop and during assembly.

Main technical facts

Effectively cleans carpentry stains

Safe for furniture edgebands and boards

Leaves a pleasant fragrance and smudge-free surface

Anti-electrostatic agent minimises dust settling

Vaporises quickly

There are three types of Absorfen available

Choose the Absorfen type suitable for your needs

Absorfen Normal
Absorfen Strong
Removes light stains typical for furniture production and assembly processes, as well as excess of hot-melt glue, contact adhesive or labelling adhesive. Suitable for use in edgebanding machine units
Effectively removes persistent stains from carpenter pencil, permanent marker, resin, fresh mounting foam and many more
Safe for furniture board surface, HPL, ABS edgebands
Safe for most laquered surfaces, acrylic boards
Vaporises quickly
Leaves smudge-free surface
Anti-electrostatic - minimises dust settling
Leaves a pleasant fragrance on the cleaned surface

Standard packaging

Absorfen Normal and Absorfen Strong are available in 3 convenient packagings tailored to the needs of carpenters and manufacturing plants

195 ml1 l5 l
Absorfen Normal
Absorfen Strong
Absorfen Strong Apple
Matt&Gloss Cleaner by Schilsner

Matt&Gloss Cleaner

Our offer of cleaners has been enriched with a dedicated cleaner for matt and gloss surfaces. Perfect for the daily care of furniture made of acrylic boards, most PET film laminated and even lacquered boards (in this case, test on a small area). It removes dust and fingerprints, leaving surfaces fresh and streak-free. It has an exclusive sandalwood fragrance note. Matt&Gloss Cleaner is available in handy 500 ml bottles with an atomiser.


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