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European Funds

Schilsner Industry Group Limted Liability Company

carries out a project co-financed by European Funds

“Brand promotion of Schilsner Industry Group through participation in the furniture industry promotion programme”

under the Intelligent Development Operational Programme

Priority axis 3 Support for innovation in enterprises

Measure 3.3 Support for promotion and internationalisation of innovative enterprises

Sub-measure 3.3.3 Support for SMEs in the promotion of product brands – Go to Brand.


The project aims to promote the Schilsner Industry Group company brand on foreign markets through participation in events planned under the furniture industry promotion programme. The planned activities will directly contribute to the development of the Applicant’s export activity and to strengthening its competitive advantage on the international market.

The implementation of the project will allow to achieve the planned result indicators:

  • revenues from export sales
  • revenues from export sales of products covered by the project
  • number of foreign trade contracts signed by companies supported in the field of internationalisation

The increase in revenue from export activities will contribute to the development of the Applicant’s company – it will be possible to implement new solutions that meet the identified expectations. This will allow obtaining new contractors – especially foreign.

Total expenditure: 652,000.00 PLN

Eligible expenditure: 652 000,00 PLN

Co-financing: 391 200,00 PLN

Schilsner Industry Group Sp. z o.o. implements the project of co-financing from the European Funds
“Implementation of innovative technology for production of a new generation of ABS edgebands for furniture boards”.


Objectives and planned effects of the Project,

The subject of the project is the implementation of a process and product innovation in Schilsner Industry Group Sp. z o.o., so far unknown and not used on a national scale.

Process innovation – the company intends to implement an individually designed by its own research department, high-quality, environmentally-friendly technological line for the production of deeply imprinted wood structures and ABS edgebands completely covered with the desired colour.

The production line will consist of a sequence of new machines and equipment, which include:
Extruder with energy recovery chamber, precision measuring device and automatic winder, dye mixing station with a system for dosing dyes directly into the extruder, and an embossing machine. The resulting innovative product will be deeply imprinted and completely covered edgebands for furniture boards. The edgebands will be perfectly, precisely matched in terms of structure and colour, which fits into the niche and current market demand. Thanks to the project implementation, the company will expand and modernise its machinery stock and meet market expectations by introducing new products, thus satisfying contractors’ needs and becoming more competitive, while paying attention to the aspect of environmental protection and reducing unemployment in the region by increasing employment. The above aims will be achieved through the purchase of a technological line that will be safe to use and effective in economic and environmental terms.


Value of the Project,

11 070 000.00 PLN

Contribution from the European Funds

3 150 000.00 PLN