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ABS furniture caps

Instant camouflage of technological holes

Perfectly matched furniture caps

ABS self-adhesive caps are a perfect product that allows for disguising of the technological holes created in the furniture manufacturing process. Their colour and pattern have been perfectly matched to those of the corresponding furniture board, so they merge seamlessly with other furniture components. In order to facilitate the work of our Customers our caps are marked with the same name and number as the corresponding furniture board and edgeband so the right product can be found in an instant.

Main technical facts

Extensive colour range - over 600 decors

Perfectly matched to furniture boards

Cap thickness of only 0.5 mm

Durable and strong acrylic adhesive

2 sizes available: 14 mm (standard) and 20 mm (upon order)

Proven manufacturing raw material - ABS

Products have principles

We develop our furniture caps based on three essential product principles. This ensures a perfect cap-to-board match and also greatly facilitates choosing the right product.

Cap decor


Board decor

Cap structure


Board structure

Cap name


Board name

Our brands

The Schilsner brand was created in 2005 and is dedicated to SWISS KRONO furniture boards.

We offer high-quality furniture edgebands in a full colour range matching SWISS KRONO design portfolio. Our collection includes about 180 decors.

Our products are available at all authorised SWISS KRONO distributors.

Spander brand was created in 2016 and is dedicated for melamine boards offered by Kronospan.

Spander collection includes edgebands matching all decors from the Global and Home Polska collections.

In 2022 we launched the first edgebands for acrylic boards.

Since 2018, we have been a qualified supplier of furniture edgebands for the Strefa Płyt network.

In 2023 we were granted the status of Kronospan’s global Partner.

Laideker edgeband collection for Pfleiderer laminated boards was created in 2011.

Within it, we offer edgebands for over 100 board decors, among others, for the latest Mood Stories collection.

We cooperate with all members of the Pfleiderer Partners network.

Ekanten is a brand of furniture edgebands designed for Egger board collection. Launched in 2020, Ekanten offers matching edgebands for almost 100 Egger’s most popular board decors. It is the newest brand in Schilsner portfolio which we regularly extend with further designs.

Find the decor you are looking for

You can also view our collection at Decor Gallery.
Decors Gallery

Standard sizes and packaging

Our furniture caps are available in 2 basic sizes


Ø 14 mm
(25 caps / sheet)

Ø 20 mm
(15 caps / sheet)

Schilsner and Spander

40 sheets

20 sheets

Laideker and Ekanten

20 sheets

20 sheets