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Obrzeża meblowe badane pod mikroskopem

Schilsner means Quality

Quality control is an important process in every manufacturing company. At Schilsner we have decided that careful, modern quality control based on clear standards is our priority.


We are proud of the trust our clients place in us. We want to make sure that we offer them reliable products so that they can safely provide their services.

That’s why we made sure to create a multidimensional quality assurance system. It includes both a comprehensive quality control process for our ongoing production and development research that we perform in our internal laboratory.

Kontrolowanie jakości podczas produkcji

As part of production quality monitoring, we verify the product at every stage of its production: from the quality of raw ABS, through key parameters during the jumbo roll extrusion process (using advanced automatic control devices), to a complex matrix of parameters of the semi-finished product and the finished product. They include, among others: color and glossiness, quality of the protective varnish coating, as well as processability (adhesion, flexibility, bending).

Each production batch is subject to such careful control, and is carried out by teams of experienced controllers working on each production shift.

Porównanie dekoru w różnych warunkach oświetleniowych

Modern, reliable quality control requires the use of innovative solutions. That’s why at Schilsner we have set up an internal research laboratory. It is equipped with advanced devices that we use to conduct tests and development research to constantly improve the solutions used and to ensure that newly implemented products meet the highest expectations.

A team of nearly 20 specialists, consisting of engineers, production controllers and a laboratory team, is responsible for the quality control area at Schilsner. Thanks to their daily work and commitment, we are sure that we provide our customers with the highest quality products.

ISO 28000:2022 certification

In 2023, we completed the certification process and obtained confirmation of operational compliance with the ISO 28000 standard in the 2022 version.

Why is it important and what is the value for our Customers?

The ISO 28000 (Security and Resilience – Safety Management Systems – Requirements), is a management standard established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

It was originally developed with regard to the supply chain, but its updated version refers to a comprehensive approach to enterprise security management that also includes financing, production, storage and transportation of goods, and even information management.

Our customers receive their orders on time!

The ISO 28000 certificate awarded to us confirms that:

We are focused on the goal of timely delivery of products to our customers

We have analyzed and critically approached every step of our process to identify potential risks and implement appropriate actions

We have carefully developed risk management procedures in every area related to value delivery.