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Perfectly matched edgebands

For Egger novelties from Collection 24+


Furniture edgeband manufacturer

We create perfectly matching ABS edgebands,
for furniture to be perfect up to the edge

Obrzeża blatowe do płyt SWISS KRONO. Formatki pokazujące produkt w użyciu z rolkami obrzeża i wzornikiem.

New! Schilsner Worktops

Worktop edgebands for countertops by SWISS KRONO

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Rolki obrzeża meblowego - szeroko dostępne dekory sprzedawane w standardowych rozmiarach

Furniture edgeband manufacturer

We create perfectly matching ABS edgebands,
for furniture to be perfect up to the edge

Matt&Gloss Cleaner od firmy Schilsner do pielęgnacji matowych i połyskowych powierzchni

Matt&Gloss Cleaner

New! Matt and gloss surfaces cleaner with a scent of sandalwood.

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Klej termotopliwy na bazie EVA do maszyn średniego i szybkiego posuwu

Transparent EVA adhesive

New! Hot-melt EVA 7825 adhesive for medium and fast feed machines.

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Zastosowanie obrzeży Matt Gloss od Schilsner - meble matowe i wysoki połysk

Matt&Gloss by Schilsner

ABS edgebands for boards matt and gloss

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About us

We are experts in manufacturing ABS furniture edgebands

We manufacture up to 57 tons of edgebands daily

We are conveniently located to handle deliveries all over Europe

Our service

Wide and complementary offer

Top-quality furniture edgebands

Perfect adjustment of the edgeband to the furniture board

Availability of products from stock

Transparent and favourable commercial terms & conditions

Permanent advisory services and marketing support

Establish cooperation
with a trusted supplier

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We deliver our products
to business partners all over Europe and beyond

Take advantage
of excellent design

We know that perfectly designed products bring considerable benefits to our Business Partners.

Our furniture edgebands are created by an experienced and highly-qualified design team. In order to achieve a perfect match, we aim to reproduce the characteristic details of a board decor – the colours, the wood grain, knots or fractures, as well as the surface structure: smooth, grainy or that of wood grain or pores. We offer our customers perfectly matched edgebands which make excellent furniture up to the edge.

Products have principles

We develop our edgebands based on three essential product principles. This ensures a perfect edgeband-to-board match and also greatly facilitates choosing the right product.

Edgeband decor
Board decor

Edgeband structure
Board structure

Edgeband name
Board name

Our brands

The Schilsner brand was created in 2005 and is dedicated to SWISS KRONO furniture boards.

We offer high-quality furniture edgebands in a full colour range matching SWISS KRONO design portfolio. Our collection includes about 180 decors.

Our products are available at all authorised SWISS KRONO distributors.

Spander brand was created in 2016 and is dedicated for melamine boards offered by Kronospan.

Spander collection includes edgebands matching all decors from the Global and Home Polska collections.

In 2022 we launched the first edgebands for acrylic boards.

Since 2018, we have been a qualified supplier of furniture edgebands for the Strefa Płyt network.

In 2023 we were granted the status of Kronospan’s global Partner.

Laideker edgeband collection for Pfleiderer laminated boards was created in 2011.

Within it, we offer edgebands for over 100 board decors, among others, for the latest Mood Stories collection.

We cooperate with all members of the Pfleiderer Partners network.

Ekanten is a brand of furniture edgebands designed for Egger board collection. Launched in 2020, Ekanten offers matching edgebands for almost 100 Egger’s most popular board decors. It is the newest brand in Schilsner portfolio which we regularly extend with further designs.

Find the decor you are looking for

You can also view our collection at Decor Gallery.
Decors Gallery

Extensive stock collection

Our stock collection covers a wide range of edgebands matching furniture board designs of the leading manufacturers. Over 600 perfectly matched decors are available for a purchase from just a single roll. Our stock collection is available in the following sizes:

Edgeband size (mm)Roll length (LM)

See how we operate

    Contact us

    Schilsner Industry
    Group Sp. z o.o.

    st. 77 Bierutowska St., 51-317 Wrocław

    tel. +48 71 35 00 601

    Working hours: mon - fri: 8:00-16:00


    What furniture boards do you offer edgebands for?

    Our portfolio includes edgebands for boards of the leading manufacturers: Swiss Krono (Schilsner collection), Kronospan (Spander collection), Egger (Ekanten collection) and Pfleiderer (Laideker collection). If you are looking for a decor of another manufacturer or if you do not find the proper decor on our website, please contact our Export Department to verify the availability of a relevant product.

    What raw material do you manufacture edgebands from?

    We manufacture our furniture edgebands from top-quality ABS.
    Upon special order, selected PP (polypropylene) decors are available. In case of any further questions, please contact our Export Department.

    Where are Schilsner edgebands manufactured?

    We manufacture all of our edgebands in our production plant in Wrocław, Poland. If you want to find out more about our manufacturing process, watch the film from our manufacturing hall.

    What are the prices of your edgebands?

    We take an individual approach to each of our foreign Partners. We do our best to adjust the cooperation terms & conditions to their needs and specificity of operations as much as possible. For more details, please contact our Export Department.

    What sizes of edgebands do you have in stock?

    Our stock collection includes the most popular edgeband sizes: 22/0.5, 22/0.8 and 22/2 mm (suitable for furniture board 18-19 mm thick), as well as 43/0.8 and 43/0.2 (dedicated to 36-38 mm boards).

    Is it possible to order edgebands of other width than the standard one?

    Yes, it is; our flexible manufacturing process allows for edgebands to be cut into about 70 various widths; the only limitation is the width of the jumbo roll (410 mm). In order to get additional information, please contact our Export Department.

    Is it possible to manufacture an edgeband upon special order?

    Yes, it is; our experience and abundant set of tools allow us to realise individual edgeband designs – from selection of the colour of the base plastic, through a detailed design and manufacture of the edgeband for specific board decor. In case of individual decors, the logistic minimum applies. For more details, please contact our Export Department.

    Does your offer include chemical products?

    Our offer is comprehensive and includes not only furniture edgebands and caps, but also a range of professional carpentry chemical products. Our portfolio includes Absorfen cleaning agents, various variants of EVA hot-melt glues and a powerful contact glue Con4’S. The detailed information on these products are available in the tabs: Absorfen, Contact Glue and Hot-Melt Glues.

    Is delivery of orders possible? What are the terms & conditions for shipment of goods and transport cost?

    Yes, we offer delivery to the Customer. We provide deliveries based on Incoterms 2021 – EXW, FCA or DAP.
    We cooperate with several courier and shipping companies, through which we send parcels and pallets to almost every country in the world.
    The estimated delivery time and the costs of an international shipment will be calculated individually depending on the quantity and weight of the ordered goods, the destination country, the logistic partner, as well as the agreed cooperation terms & conditions.

    Is the order pick-up service available and in what location?

    Yes, the pick-up service is available after prior arrangement of the date and estimated time of the pick-up with the Export Department. Truck loading ramps are available. The loading takes place solely at the back of the semi-trailer.
    The loading location is the following: Poland, 51-317, Wrocław, 77, Bierutowska St.

    Do you prepare EUR.1 document and export documents?

    Yes, we prepare the export documents, i.e. invoice, specification, packing list, transport cost declaration, manufacturer’s declaration and EUR.1. Depending on the cooperation terms & conditions, additional fees for EUR.1 document and export customs clearance may apply.

    What does a standard packaging look like?

    As a rule, we pack single rolls into boxes marked by individual collections. The goods are sent as parcels or – in case of bigger orders – on EURO or MAX pallets. We also realise packing upon request of the Customer, e.g. without boxes (rolls placed on pallets and secured by carton separators and stretch foil).

    How to place an order?

    1. Download and fill in the order form (forms are available in the Downloads tab).
    2. Send the form to the e-mail address: or to the individual address of the Export Department Specialist.
    3. After agreeing upon all details, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail.

    What payment forms are available and in what currency?

    The payment form accepted by us is a bank transfer. Available settlement currencies: PLN (Polish zloty) and EUR (euro).

    What is the standard lead time?

    The standard lead time is 2 – 3 working days. It may vary depending on the product availability or on the manufacturing plan. The expected realisation time of your order will be confirmed by our Export Department.

    What certificates do you hold for the manufactured edgebands?

    We hold PZH (National Institute of Hygiene) Hygienic Attestation for our edgebands. This document certifies the possibility to use the edgebands in all types of interiors, including in the public facilities. Due to the very little share of the furniture edgeband in the cubic capacity of the ready furniture, the edgebands produced in ABS technology do not require fire resistance or any other additional certificates.
    To meet the Customers’ individual needs we may carry out specific certification, e.g. surface resistance tests, as well as migration and heavy material presence tests. Depending on individual conditions, the mentioned certification may be subject to an additional fee, therefore it must be requested before placing an order.

    The Hygienic Attestation and the low-flammability declaration are available in the Downloads tab.

    What are the customs codes of the goods?

    ABS edgebands – CN 3920 30 00
    PP edgebands – CN 3920 20 80
    Con4’S MAXI applicator – CN 84242000
    Con4’s MAXI (bottle) – CN 35069900
    Con4’s spray (can) – CN 35061000
    Absorfen/Absorfen Strong 195 ml, 1 L PET – CN 3814 00 90
    Absorfen/Absorfen strong 5 L – CN 3814 00 90
    Hot-melt glues (bags, buckets) – 3901 30 00