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Transparent EVA adhesive – a seamless joint for any board colour

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15 - 09 - 2023

Transparent EVA adhesive – a seamless joint for any board colour

Transparent adhesive for edgebanders is the best solution to achieve an almost invisible joint between the board and the edgeband, without the need to use different colours of adhesive. Whether it is on a white, black or coloured board, the joint will not stand out. This is a versatile solution that reduces both machine running costs and additional investment in replaceable adhesive pots. It also cuts down on the labour required to clean dispensers and adhesive pots when changing the adhesive from white to a different colour.

All this can be achieved with a new addition to our offer of hot melt adhesives: EVA 7825 TRANSPARENT adhesive.

Formatki stolarskie prezentujące transparentną spoinę płyty z obrzeżem

The adhesive offers numerous advantages:

  • filler-free formula (high resin content increases adhesion and bond strength),
  • joint resistance to high (approx. 100°C) and low (down to -30°C) temperatures,
  • good moisture resistance,
  • good ageing resistance (the joint will not fade).

The 7825 adhesive is designed for edgebanders with the feed speed from 14 to 35 m/min. (It can also be used at other speeds with prior adhesion tests).

The optimum application temperature is 200-220°C.

The adhesive is suitable for edgebanding on chipboard and MDF as well as for application of all types of edgebands (ABS, PVC, PMMA, PP, paper, veneer and solid wood). It heats up quickly (2-5 min.) and the bonded materials can be further processed immediately after bonding (cutting, sawing, milling, polishing, etc.).

Thanks to its properties, the 7825 adhesive is the optimum solution, especially for diverse production and short production runs. You should give it a try!

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